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cqwffSharing true stories is both a fantastic and an effective way of knowing how people live and what they are going through in their lives.

The experiences that people have with the people they love, their families and the people they meet can build up a story that may explain their behavior and how people tend to act in the same way. Some of the most memorable incidents that make personal stories are associated with the people that they are closest to.

This is what is all about; cottage is associated with homes, and the different things that happen in homes make a different story. There are things that bring a family together and every person living in the home feels being a part of such aspects. No matter where they go, the bond with the family will never be broken. gathers these stories from different people and acts as a platform to bring people who like telling true stories together.

A life story shared with other people is more humorous than the untold stories. The site is dedicated to publishing anyone’s true story. They are a little bit strict on the truthfulness of the story as they only publish real stories. This site’s audience is people who want to know what others are experiencing. In fact, only stories of those who are 13 years and above can be published on this site. This ensures that only the touching stories are published.

Whether you are a 90 year old enthusiastic granny or an eighteen year old with a true story to tell, there are people waiting to read your story and submit it to so they can enjoy reading about your unique experiences.

You can also submit your story to enter into a contest where professional editors check them for originality and quality. You can invite your friends who like stories via the social media plug-ins on the website. For people visiting this site, there are links to more true stories.

If you have trouble when submitting a story to them or want to inquire about anything, you can contact their responsive staff on the website. When you have read the stories, you can comment on them or recommend something to the website on your account. If you have a true story on any topic, this is the place to post it and read about what other people are experiencing in different parts of the world.

People have always told stories to make sense of their world, to connect with other people, to share the joys and trials of life and to learn from each other. Now, it’s your turn. Travel the road home with us.Share. Read. Connect.

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