Altibase Featured in Gartner Magic Quadrant Survey

Altibase is one of the world’s most trusted in- memory DBMS, and this position has only been strengthened by the inclusion of Altibase in Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. Altibase joins 24 other vendors who made the cut as the most-trusted in the field. The Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management System takes into account all types of database management systems. These include relational, non-relational, NoSQL, NewSQL, closed and open-sourced DBMS. The market for operational DBMS is one that is dynamic and continues to grow, and every day vendors have new products and features to offer their clients.

Altibase Featured in Gartner Magic Quadrant Survey

The fact that new vendors are coming up every day means that innovation and transformation in the IT world is at an all-time high. The result of this is that every year, the in-memory database management system becomes more confusing, thanks to these innovations. For decision makers in the IT field therefore, Garner’s MQ is a useful tool.

Altibase has been offering relational database management systems since 1999 and the hybrid database has in particular been preferred by many corporations and enterprises when dealing with mission-critical operations. The hybrid database combines in-memory capabilities with an on-disk database that offers persistence and storage capabilities, which ensures sustainability and counters the volatility of RAM.

Altibase’s inclusion in the Magic Quadrant is an honor that speaks of the product maturity, unmatched reliability and diversity offered by Altibase. Indeed, Altibase has even gone a step further to ensure that the hybrid database is available free of charge to the masses, which has ensured that the public can benefit from the hybrid database without having to pay anything.

A long time ago, companies did not pay much attention to the technology they applied in their operations. This is because technology had not been embraced by the wider populace as such. Fast forward to today and the consumer has become more tech savvy, meaning there is every need for businesses to ensure they meet the needs of the consumer.  We can see how big data affects every aspect of our business, from data collection and reconciliation to complex real-time pricing calculations, says Tarek Barrawi, founder and President of, a freight quote technology company in Connecticut.

Also, businesses are looking to build their business intelligence. In order to do this, measures have to be put in place to enable information gathering and high intensity data processing. This is what big data is all about: analyzing large volumes of data to gather the most important and apply these to real-life situations.

As the business world constantly changes, there is every need for businesses to update their infrastructure to cater for the changing needs of the market. Having a database that can be relied upon in terms of speed, security and scalability is something that all businesses should strive towards. Such a database not only improves the consumer’s experience but also enables the company to better understand and update their business processes.

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