John Daly Slots Game Story – Losing over 1 Million

John Daly is the world famous Professional Golfer, known for his garish suits and turbulent lifestyle. Over the years his fan base has grown and grown, with many coming to love his untraditional appearance and straight to the point attitude. John’s an underdog through and through, his life spotted with extreme highs and lows, all making him the friendly and seemingly normal guy that we’ve come to love. However as a fan of gambling in multiple forms but especially for slot games at mega reel, his history of luck and misfortune is anything but normal.

From Rags to Riches: The Ordinary Background of John Daly

Born in California in the mid 1960s, John grew up part of an ordinary middle classic family and had a fairly typical start in life. Given his dads work commitments, John moved with his family from state to state, never in much trouble but always had his hobby of golf as his one constant. It proved his saving grace when he got older and was forced to drop out of college, as he managed to fall back on his natural talent and turn professional just aged 20. Just four years later he was propelled into the limelight of fame and fortune when as an unknown low-level player, he won a major championship. The winner’s share for this competition was a plush $230,000. This was more money than John had ever known in his life and it was at this moment that his gambling habit would never remain the same.

The Escalation of a Gambling Addiction

John’s love for all casino games started small but with a large bank balance supporting his hobby, it escalated to the point that he now admits was a definite problem In 2006, he released an autobiography detailing his extreme gambling addiction and his total losses that he estimated amounted to a staggering $55 to $57 million dollars. Although a large part of this was because of card games like blackjack and poker, it was the slot machines that were his real favourites. Initially slots were a distraction from traditional games and meant that whilst he could still bet large sums of money, they were a way to make his money last a bit longer. However, this didn’t last for long though as John soon found the high roller slots. His favourite became the $5000 slots at Wynn Casinos in Las Vegas. In just one coin pull, players could bet 5 thousand dollars and if matched in a line receive an incredible 10 grand. This meant that just a humble 20 pools was an eye watering 100 grand. One of his worst losses was when he lost a play off in 2006 and that night drove to Las Vegas and spent 5 hours playing the $5000 machines to eventually lose $1.65 million dollars. He admits that even now this incredible loss was still not enough to put him off for good and he still loves the thrill of slots; albeit just the $25 machines. The John Daly story is truly unbelievable, and the idea of losing over 1 million dollars on slots in just a matter of hours, painful to even think about. Yet I think it’s safe to say that everyone is grateful to see John standing strong and coming out of the other side.

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