How Technology Has Benefited Sport in the 21st Century


Given the huge importance of sports in people’s lives, and the amount of money available in the marketplace, it is no surprise to learn that technology has been a huge factor in the continued popularity of sports in recent years. In fact, there are a number of ways that technology has benefited sport in the 21st century, and this is as true for spectators as it is for the participants.


While watching sports on TV has long been a popular pastime, the way that people can watch sport from the comfort of their own home or in their local bar has significantly improved in recent times.Whether you like soccer, football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport, there will be more ways than ever before to engage and interact with your favorite team or the best games. The fact that you now have a full choice of games, or have the ability to watch a live show that shows you all the goals or the major plays as they occur, ensures that you don’t need to miss a moment of great action.

Other technology positively impacting on fans include:

  • Big-screen technology allowing fans to see replays at the game or event.
  • Improved ticket scanning making the entry process easier.
  • Season card technology using chips to allow fans to use their card around the stadium for a variety of purchases.
  • Exclusive video content via apps that allows fans to see more of the insight into big games or events.

You’ll also find that technology is helping to make decisions in many of the major games. When it comes to tennis, the speed of the ball moving around the court means that umpires require assistance in determining whether some balls were in or out of court. The Hawk-Eye technology used in tennis is famous and has been the driver for many sports to embrace technology in the hope of making decisions correctly when humans aren’t able to make a clear and concise call. 

Video technology is becoming a regular feature

Rugby has utilized video technology in recent years, but when it comes to a global audience, soccer often leads the way, and there have been technological drivers in this sport. The top leagues in Europe now use goal-line technology, which sends a signal to the referee whenever the ball fully crosses the line and a goal can be awarded. This technology will hopefully remove some errors that have cost teams goals, which can only be good for the game. FIFA is also trialing video technology for major decisions, and forthcoming World Cups may feature this technology.

Technology has also helped to shape the way that teams perform and athletes engage in their activity. Computer-based technology, such as mapping movement and analyzing statistics, provides a greater level of insight than ever before. This allows coaches and managers to find out exactly what is happening on the field of play, allowing them to make adjustments. So far, this has been information that is digested and used to improve coaching standards, but given the fast rate of technology improvements, including wearable tech, it won’t be long before this information is used in real time.

Players’ fitness can be monitored by technology

When it comes to analysis, technological devices help to monitor the fitness and activities of performers and athletes. Nutrition is a vital component in improving the performance of sports stars, and it has never been easier to evaluate a player’s health and fitness. From wearable tech gadgets to monitoring a player’s blood levels, any athlete who isn’t following training plans set by their coach will be found out. It also means that detailed training and diet plans can be created for each individual, which should ensure that there is a higher standard of fitness available.

The fitness of athletes and participants has also been aided by technology driving clothing and sportswear. The clothing worn by people taking part in sports has a role to play in providing support, keeping muscles warmed up, and ensuring that people feel confident about the activities that they are about to undertake. As with many things in sporting life, endorsements and use by major stars has brought this style of clothing to prominence, but athletes and sports lovers around the world have taken to compression sportswear from firms such as, and this equipment plays a key role in keeping many people fit and active.

Given that sport is a major part of life, and technology is at the heart of modern life, it is no surprise to see that sport is utilizing technology in many ways. When it comes to fans and participants, technology is driving sport forward.

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