4 Trusted Ways to Speed Up a Computer

gtgrtwgwrYou can all imagine the feeling of a brand new computer, the ease, the speed and the efficiency. But, with time this feeling of ease and speed fades and sometimes very quickly, too. Moving around the computer is no longer as smooth as before, files take longer to open and close, apps and software even longer, zipping around the files and folders seem like crossing the roadblocks.

So, what are you going to blame? Your computer? Or are you going to buy a new one every time the old one gets slow?

Before other things, consider cleaning your computer. Clear up old and useless files and applications on our computer. But before going into detail on what and how to clean your computer, lets us first understand why your computer has slowed down in the first place.

What made the computer slow down?

In today’s web-savvy world, everything is being done using a computer. You browse the web for almost everything. This constant use of the computer tends to accumulate unwanted things and files and store them at places that may be unknown to you.

File fragmentation, accumulated cached web files, deleted files, overloaded hard drives, dirty hardware, and such things might be the culprit causing your computer to slow down.

Also, the hardware and software may be clean and clear, but it is the internet connection that might be the hidden reason behind your computer slowing down. Check the connection, router, and other wirings to see if that is the reason.

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How can I speed up my computer?

Read on to find out how can you speed up your computer as good as new.

1. Clean and clear the ‘junk’

Clear your hard disk and drives of the useless clutter and free up the space that is required for the efficient working of your computer. Next, using free system cleaners available online, clean up your computer and free it off the junk that gets stored from the web browser files and other third-party applications.

If the temporary files stay too long, they tend to make the computer slow and sluggish, gets them to hang up and also, consumes a lot of space on the hard disk.

Another option is to back up all the files, photos and videos that are important to you on external hard disks and free up space on your computer.

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2. Remove the Virus and Other Intrusions

Regular use of anti-virus software will help you protect your computer from getting infected with viruses and malware, which every computer is vulnerable to. The viruses that enter your computer silently, store themselves in the system memory and takes up the resources that are likely to be used for other important uses thereby, slowing down your computer.

These silent intruders attack your entire system, thereby, corrupting it as a whole. So, it is advisable to ‘clean’ your system and get rid of these silent intruders.

3. Clean the Hardware

Dirty hardware might be one of the reasons that are slowing down your computer. Dirt, hair clumps and dead insects might lodge themselves inside the hardware due to the environmental factors. Therefore, it is better to give your hardware a good cleaning, periodically. Dirty hardware will force the system to work in overload just to work efficiently thereby, increasing the burden on the system.

Also, the hardware might be old or out-dated and causing the system to slow down. Consider replacing the parts that are functioning inefficiently and need replacement. For instance, you are not able to open multiple programs at one time, or unable to watch HD videos, you might have a lesser RAM or an out-dated video card.

With the level of technological advancement, the need to upgrade the hardware has become vital for the computer to work efficiently.

4. Reinstall the Operating System

The best option to speed up your computer is to delete all the files, software, the entire operating system, and reinstall it. But, before you do that, make sure that all your files and data have been backed up.

The advantage of reinstalling is that you will have a new like computer with new and upgraded software, new registry and also, clean and error free applications and software.

Although, this option is advantageous, keep in mind that this is a permanent process and cannot be reversed. Think twice before choosing this option and speeding up your computer.

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