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YouTube is phenomenally successful and receives more than one million unique visitors to the site every month, so if you want to successfully share your own content with the masses and even stand the chance of going viral, your video is going to have to be spot on.

The excellent news if you happen to be good at thinking up entertaining content but not so confident in your video editing skills, is that a very useful toolbox resource comes with your account so that you can produce a professional video with limited technical knowledge.

The creator hub is a useful resource that helps you to put together your video and also find your audience once it is done. When you use the capture feature, it provides quick uploads and offers automated edits and enhancements.

The YouTube toolbox could make all the difference to the success of your video, especially when you consider that the first 15 seconds of any video are crucial to viewer success, so the content has to make an immediate impact, or they will simply click away.

Another useful feature that allows you to add some professional polish to your video is the addition of background music, which is easy when you use the free video editor tool. The YouTube toolbox even allows you to search add licensed music effortlessly, so the end result is likely to be a great looking and sounding video which hopefully has a greater chance of success as a result of all these enhancements.

This infographic by YTDtells you all you need to know in order to make the most of the YouTube toolbox.

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