How To Set Up an Attractive Seafood Display

Regardless of whether you sell seafood in a coastal city where it is plentiful or in a landlocked rural area where it seems rather exotic, the key to successful sales is setting up an attractive seafood display that appeals to the eye as well as to the palate. Quality and freshness are important, but if your display isn’t appealing and eye-catching, your customers are unlikely to notice.

There’s a certain amount of psychology that goes into determining why people gravitate to certain displays more than others. Fortunately, however, you don’t need any sort of advanced degrees to figure out how to best display your seafood wares for sale. All you have to do is incorporate the following simple ideas.


One way to sell more seafood products is to display them in abundance. A well-stocked, well-organized display demonstrates that you have a wide variety available and indicates freshness. A sparse seafood display appears sad and deserted. It will appear that the few items you have left have been thoroughly picked over and somehow did not pass muster with other customers.

Color contrast

One way to add visual appeal is to display products of different colors alongside one another to create an aesthetically appealing contrast. Displaying the rich orange flesh of a salmon fillet alongside the pure white of a tilapia fillet is more likely to arrest the eye. If you don’t have enough color in your display, you can also cut up fruits or vegetables to add that little extra splash.


You can add to the appeal of your seafood display simply by lighting it well. A natural white color spectrum bulb should be sufficient to bring out the broad range of colors in your wares. LED lights represent a greater upfront cost but are more energy efficient and therefore cost less to run. Not only that, but LEDs can focus a light beam directly on your products for dramatic impact.

Whatever methods you use to showcase your seafood to best effect, it should go without saying that only the freshest products should go on the display. Be creative in your display, but always keep food safety in mind and avoid cross contamination.

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