Why Indoors Air Pollution is Dangerous

A University of Sheffield study has revealed that there is more harmful air pollution in some kitchens than in many busy streets and city centres. The study focused on airborne chemicals that are known to have a negative health impact, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. These chemicals are harmful particularly in elderly and people with respiratory problems.

Researchers tested air quality inside and outside of several residential buildings, in a variety of rural and urban settings. They found the air pollution levels to be as much as three times higher in the kitchen in the city centre building than they were outside. Using a gas range and having insulation which keeps the gas trapped inside, these are some of the main contributing causes for the high concentration of harmful gases inside many kitchens.

We tend to be focused on the air quality we breathe outdoors but, according to this study, air pollution is sometimes higher in our homes. In spite of that, there is very little data about emission rates from different appliances or indoor pollutants.

The infographic below published courtesy of GoToMeeting Australia, is an overview on how air pollution affects out health.


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